For anyone looking for Aquastaser reviews you probably wont find any independent reviews because it doesn’t work ! We tried, unsuccessfully, for 6 months to make this work. Our pool was constantly fouled with green and black algae. Seller did keep his word and refund our monies tho.

Thank you for the feedback. For pool owners wondering what this product is, here is a link to the site

This is absolutely not true. I have well over a hundred customers that are extremely happy with the performance of the Aquastaser. There are variables that will effect the performance. This would include not installed properly, old pool that has LSI issues that has black mold growing from the outside from cracks, an un-swept pool just to name a few. This technology is not magic and I only claim to sanitize the water not clean your pool. Maintenance is still required. I offer a money back guarantee. This is how sure through years of testing and revisions that I am of my product. I do believe that this did not work on Michael’s pool and I did not ask why. No questions asked… Refunded! I am very sorry that the Aquastaser did not work on his pool.

Thanks for the information.