Aquarite SPG reading 500 points higher than test strip

Hi there.

I just replaced my Aquarite PCB board, LCD display board and a new T-cell 15. Everything now works however, my salt reading on the aquarite is reading about 500-600 points higher than my test strips. I live in MA and opened pool very end of April. I waited until water temp was above 65 degrees and then added 120lbs of salt. Everything was perfect and then my LCD went 2nd week in July…no lights at all. I’ve not added any additional salt since opening. My salt on the display reads 3800 and on the test strip reads 3250. My test strips expire 8/2023. Could they be already expired? I have tried recalibrating several times but the display stays at 3800-3900. Any thoughts? Thank you!

Hi Mickie, since it sounds like you have the salt level correct, I would recommend double-checking the system to be sure it is programmed for the correct salt cell.

Depending upon which cell and system you have, it is not terribly unusual for new cells to read higher salt levels (and old cells to read lower).  If everything is correct, it should settle down to a more accurate reading as time goes by.

Thanks so much!  Now reading about  800 points higher than strip which reads 3100.

Best, Deb