AO Smith Motor Wiring Question

I swapped pumps and it doesn’t look like the pump I removed was wired correctly. It is an old AO Smith 2Hp K48N2N104 motor that should be wired 230V. The connector has terminals labelled L1, L2, & A. L2 is labelled 115V and A (lug on the right) is labelled 230V. The 230V power is currently on L1 & L2. Your videos show a black plastic lug somehow put in the L2/A area for 230v wiring but this motor doesn’t have the lug. Do I need to jump L2 to A for actual 230V wiring? As you can see in the photo, it says to connect power to L1 & L2. Help, I’m confused. Thanks


Your motor is a single voltage 230. You just need to have one power line on L1 and the other on L2 (and green to the ground screw). You do not need to jump L2 to A.

Thanks!  The labelling is confusing.  Appreciate your insight.