Anthony Pool Light Replacement

I have an old anthony light fixture. It’s completely ruined. The gasket and socket are shot. My dad’s an electrician and he said the socket would have to be rebuilt by destoying the resin inside, setting a new socket and applying new resin entirely along with buying a new, right gasket. I think that’s a tall order to repair. So I’m trying to find another replacement despite my local pool company telling me Im screwed.

The diameter of the existing niche is 9.5" with a screw for the top and a locking pin at the bottom (see pics). The specs on the light have worn off (probably 35-40 years old). But the bulb itself has the specs lists as 120v, 500w and the wire is 10’ long. They don’t make that anymore and Ive gotten multiple directions from the internet and other pool companies on which product to use. But they all seem like they aren’t the right size?

  • Hayward SP0583SL15 AstroLite Pool Light, Stainless Steel Face Rim, 120-Volt 15-Foot Cord
  • Sta-Rite 05086-0025 SwimQuip Underwater Pool And Spa Light, 120 Volt, 25 Foot Cord, 500 Watt
  • Pentair 78451100 Amerlite 15’ Cord 500W 120V with Stainless Steel Face Ring

The Hayward and Pentair Amerlite seems like the outside plate diameter would be too large for my niche. Would it just rest on the outside of the pool then?

And the Sta-Rite sounds like it’s too small to fit in the niche. Would I need some kind of adapter to make any of these options fit? I’ve been working on this to try and get the right answer for WEEKS now. Any help would be much appreciated!

According to Hayward, their Universal Colorlogic LED light will fit your Anthony niche. They are currently only available in 12 volt. This means you’d have to add a transformer if your current light is 120 volt.

How many feet of cord would you need (30’,50’,100’,150’)?