AGP help needed on make/model to purchase spare parts

Moved into new house, that has existing 24ft pool, and need to change liner, and also looks like there are some metal parts holding the liner, that rusted, and are crumbling into pieces, I’m not sure what this part is called.

Trying to determine what is tha make/model to purchase appropiate parts from your website.

This is an Atlantic J1000 model. This pool used a slotted metal tube at the top. The part number is 1470100-pack4.

How tall is the pool wall? That would determine the liner.

Pool is halway in ground, and it’s covered in ice in winter right now.

Do I need to dig in one place to measure outside, or can I take accurate measurement from inside once the ice melts ?

You could measure from the inside of the wall once you can get in there.

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