advice on automation/chlorination

Looking for some adevice.  I have an old Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic circa 2004.  This week my main board (GLX-PCB-MAIN) has gone bad.  This is the third bad board in 5 years.  I’m in florida and the location of the equipment is in direct sun so it takes a beating.  But I’m tried of putting good money after bad.  System has a Hayward T-15 salt cell.  The Aqua Logic controls the spa, pool lights, spa lights, solar, chlorine and pump.  The display both in the main enclosure and on the unit in the house are on their last legs and the characters are barely readable anymore.  what do i do?  Buy a new board and eventually a display to keep 20 year old technology functioning or should i consider a new system?  I really don’t want to drop $3000. If there was a systems that could do everything for under $2000, allowed me to use my phone instead of the junk overpriced remotes and had a warranty that was halfway decent, I think I could take the plunge.  Any advice?  Suggestions?  Looking for solutions.  Thanks!