Above Ground Pool Identification

I am trying to identify the pool in the attached photos that I purchased used so that I can purchase new bottom rails. I am guessing that the pool is somewhere around 8-10 years old but I am not 100% certain of the age.

I am thinking that this may be an older Cornelius Pool but cannot confirm.

The existing rail size is as follows -

Pool Size - 24’ x 52"

Outer length - 54" 3/8"

Point to point Length - 53" 3/4"

Width - 1"

Height - 5/8"

Hello CRBJR76 - It looks like you have an Opera model by Wilbar. You can view all of the parts on our 24’ x 52" Opera parts page.

The bottom rail is part number 38740. A 24’ pool would require a quantity of 16.

Awesome! Thanks for your assistance!!! I had look and figured that was the correct rail, however I did not want to chose the wrong part. I will get these on order today!!!