Above ground pool bottom rail

Hello everyone! I’m in Eastern Ohio and Installed a 28’ above ground saltwater pool last summer. I did it myself because the companies in my area were fully booked. Finished it around the middle of June, filled it up, got the water all balanced and went swimming. I then noticed that my bottom ring wasn’t fully inserted into one of the post bases…all the others are fine. I was tempted to drain the pool and slide the ring in the approx 1 inch it needs to be slid in on the one side and about 1/2 inch on the other side.In a normal year I would have drained it and slid it into place, but it wasn’t a normal year as we all know. We just wanted to relax and swim, so I rolled the dice and that’s what we did. I closed the pool in September and the bottom rail hadn’t moved at all. Fast forward to now. I drained my cover yesterday and removed it. Water looks great. The rail is still in the exact same place. It’s still in the groove but ideally it should be further in about an inch on one side and 1/2 inch on the other. Should I drain the pool and slide it in all the way or will it be fine? Thank you very much for any input!

We have contacted the manufacturer. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear back.