Above ground pool 21 feet - Top rail needs replacement

The top rail of my pool needs to be replaced. I am trying to find a compatible top rail. I am unsure of my pool,s brand and model. A friend of mine who is faily knowledgeable about pools believes that it’s a Vogue Virtuo or Vogue Passport. It’s 21feet. Any help would be appreciated.


It does look like a Vogue Virtuo or Lazer LX. We do not stock the top rails for that model. However, I can check on Monday to see if they are still available. I’ll reply back as soon as I have an answer.

The original top rails for your pool are no longer available (TAT731-1282053). The replacement top rail would be part number GST774-1282053. This is a gray textured top rail.

I did not explain myself properly. What I need isn’t the top ledge but the actual rail at top of the wall as pointed out by the arrow in the following picture.

And probably the plates also. As seen in the following picture.

The stabilizer should be part number 1254121. This part is currently not in stock and the lead time is 4-6 weeks.

The replacement top plate is part number 21116A. These are in stock.