33000 gallon relined pool

Hello, I am finishing relining an old concrete and fiberglass pool with all fiberglass.  The previos owners removed all the old equipment years ago.  I wnat to set the pool up as a salt water pool.  I am trying to get a list together of all the supplies I need.  I have two skimmers on the pool and they have been presure tested.  I have 4 -2 inch pipe -2 send 2 return.  The pool is an L shape 32 x 32 with a deep end of 8.5 feet and a shallow end of 3.5.  I will be finishing up all the sanding and hope to get the surface of the pool done soon.  However I need equipment.  Oh and the water I will be filling the pool with is a well that I have on the property. Thanks for the help.

Do you need everything listed below? Is there anything else that is not listed that you’ll need?

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Salt System
  • Diverter Valves
  • Heater
  • Pool Light
  • Automation to control the equipment
  • Pool Cleaner

No pool light no heater no cleaner,  Everything else Yes!!!

Sorry for the delayed response. We were very busy today. I will work on this quote tomorrow.

I’ve emailed you a quote for the items. Let me know if you have any questions.